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Online Courses

Are you one to enjoy utilizing a proven structure and system while going at your own pace? Then our courses are perfect for you! RCDC courses delve into a variety of topics, including mind's eye development, psionic abilities, and meditation. Check out our course offers now!

1:1 Mentorship

The most effective method of training by far, but not for the faint of heart. Having one-on-one sessions gives you the opportunity to work toward your breakthrough while having a customized experience. We'll dive into 6 weeks of intensive work. I bring my expertise to the table as we unlock new types of thoughts and experiences in your mind. Want more info? Click below!

Image by Ali Kazal
Reading Group

Psionic Training Group Program

Prefer to work in a group and go on a journey with others? This 6 week group intensive is aimed to give you a community to learn and grow with. And practicing/bouncing off of others is an invaluable experience on its own. Don't go it alone!

Not Currently Offered

Participate in Studies

If you would like to participate our studies / research opportunities, please check out what we currently have open.

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