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Mind's Eye Training and Coaching

Mind's Eye Training and Coaching

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Changes the Game

RCDC (formerly AphantasiaMeow) has spent the past 5 years working closely within the areas of aphantasia, the mind's eye, and psionics coaching. We aim to change conversations. The mind's eye can be developed. Psi phenomena deserves rigorous and thorough scientific process and exploration. Consciousness is worthy of intentional exploration. 

What's the Word??

"I had accepted that that was the way it was. I didn’t comprehend the idea that I was capable to see [mental images] until I went through the sessions. These sessions opened my figurative eyes that with discipline and practice, I could finally start to see what others saw."

-Courtney, Coaching Sessions

To This Date


Personal Coaching students. These individuals were either experiencing 

Aphantasia or Hypophantasia.


of conversations with people from all across the globe. Helping to clarify and give away a starting point.


Of those students experienced subjective breakthroughs of varying degrees. Some dramatic, others very subtle.


Individuals who took part in a public test I created to see how aphantasics sensory multi-tasking differed from phantasics.

However, I will not lie to you and say I am the secret ingredient to growing a mind's eye. Indeed, I can help speed up the process, since I've been doing this a while now. BUT it's important to note that I've even met people whom I did not work with that were able to make progress on their mind's eye functionality.

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Join the RCDC Syndicate and connect with like minds!

Join the RCDC Syndicate and connect with like minds!

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Providing training on mind's eye develop, meditation, psionics, etc!

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Desiring personalized training? Our 1:1 program is for you!

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What is Aphantasia?

Aphantasia is defined as the inability to form mental images of objects that are not present.

Aphantasia is a peculiar phenomenon. There is still so much that the scientific community is discovering about the mind's eye. What is it? How do we define it? Is the experience of the mind's eye the same across the board? That there are so many questions which we're still answering, this makes defining the lack of a mind's eye very challenging. 

What we do know is that fMRI data displays a difference in how an aphantasic's mind works compared to a visualizer's. Yet what does this tell us about the benefits of a visual imagination or lack there of? 

Do I Have Aphantasia?

How to know for sure?

Answering this question for oneself is definitely a challenge. Research is still sparse and our understanding of the visual imagination in general is constantly growing. This makes self diagnosis tricky. How does one step outside ones own thought-life to know for sure that they indeed are experiencing aphantasia? 

One question to ask is this: do you only experience thought in words? If so, you may be aphantasic.

Even so, asking the right questions is only part of challenge. There do exist methods to somewhat test for aphantasia, one being the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ), though this questionnaire does not directly removing subjectivity.


We're working on new testing methods to help bring objectivity to the diagnosis process. To see more info on what studies we're currently running, click the link below.

Going Open Source

In 2022, I decided to do something radical: I'd release all of my mind's eye content and information in a giant guide. This essentially caused us to take an open-source approach to how we operate here at RCDC. 

For everything you'd need to know to develop your mind's eye, please spend the time and intention to read the guide.

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