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Please note: By participating in any of the following questionnaires, you are consenting to have your general data and results shared publicly. Though, any private information (name, email address) shared by you will remain private.


Mental Simulations Questionnaire

Inspired by the original VVIQ & VVIQ2 (David Marks, 1973), the first version was designed by me to improve upon the intentions of the original. Now, Dr. Reshanne Reeder, Dr. Zoe Pounder, and I have linked arms to collaborate on this new questionnaire. Please randomly select a testing link below in order to participate.


AphantasiaMeow is linking arms with Dr. Reshanne Reeder PhD. from Edge Hill University in the UK to help progress the our understanding of mental imagery and the functional differences between Aphantasics and visualizers. If you'd like to participate, please book an interview call below.

Measuring Functional Differences in Visualizer Groups Study

No Longer Accepting Participants

Can Visualizers Project Images??

Images such as the "Red Star Test" have been causing quite a lot of confusion around the topic of aphantasia. Indeed, that image was never meant to be used as a diagnosis tool, but it gets passed around as such. From all of my work thus far, it seems that most average visualizers are not able to physically see images within the black space when they imagine something. This adjusted version of the VMSQ includes an extra section, aimed at determining whether or not visualizers are able to physically see a star in the black space when they close their eyes. 

Case Study Program - Round 1

It is time that we have some more objective evidence to the progress that individuals are making on adjusting their mind's eye experience. In this initial Case Study Program, I have selected 4 individuals to work with on developing their mind's eye. Please stay posted for new results and findings.

Binocular Rivalry 3.0

Pioneered by Dr. Joel Pearson at Pearson Lab, the phenomenon of binocular rivalry may be a key to measuring the presence of the mind's eye. 

Working off of that general concept, I am in the process of creating a unique Mind's Eye Measuring Process which utilizes binocular rivalry.

The hope here is to create an easily accessible test, which individuals can take from home, to get an objective answer to the question "Do I really have aphantasia?".

If you would like to participate in development, please click below.

No longer testing

Sensory Multitasking Test

This test ended up measuring how well those who experience different capacities of mind's eye activity are able to pay attention to 2 sensory inputs at one time, or at least, how those senses are recalled after the fact. The original intention was to attempt to measure the presence of a mind's eye, but it doesn't serve that purpose, since the participants are asked to self diagnose. 

This test is being reworked. Coming Soon!
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