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Have You Ever SEEN These?

Let's explore a potentially common type of visual phenomenon together.

Have you ever had this experience: Strange colored swirls of gentle light clouds, which undulate across ones visual field. Actually, it'll be way easier to describe is if I show you what they look like:

And follow this link to see the image in motion (I can't find the original source to this animation, if you know who created it feel free to share): CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE I MOVE ON: What I'm sharing here is VERY distinct from your average mind's eye experience. The mind's eye is only perceived in thought, without being physically seen, whereas this phenomenon is physically hallucinated within the visual field (see visualization type comparison chart below the body of this email for a visual aide. This type of experience would occur on the right side of that chart, not the left).


Over the past 5 years that I've been working with individuals on developing various types of visualization, I've run across dozens of people who accurately describe this type of experience... Without me ever mentioning it, I might add. And it usually shows up while meditating, or very, very relaxed. This implies that this experience has something to do with how our brain operates while in slower, altered brainwave states. Yet, there seems to be next to zero literature on this experience whatsoever. And I'm left wondering, if this experience is potentially so common, why is no one talking/writing/researching it?? Well, I intend to. It also needs a name, since the phenomena doesn't have a term, yet, it seems. I came up with a silly name at first: "Blobulars". Since the light is very blob-like. But I've thought of a much more fitting term: "Phosphene Waves". Phosphenes are impressions of light, seen in the physical visual field, without light ever entering the eye. So the term, Phosphene Waves seems quite accurate! Especially since these tend to pulse and move in rhythmic patterns much like waves. I first began to notice these back in 2009, when I began exploring altered states of consciousness for myself through meditation. And I have A LOT more to say about them. But I just wanted to get the conversation started today. So, if you've had this experience, please comment below and let me know!! That's it for today, let's continue to explore together. -Alec


Note: Again, these phosphene waves would be seen on the right side of the chart below, not the left. They appear in the physical field of view.

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