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(Mind's Eye Mentorship)


Looking for an intensive fast-track?

Intensive mind's eye training...

Custom tailored just for you!

The Mind's Eye Mentorship

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Focused 1:1 Training...

You get my full attention here. This means you'll get to pull from my 4 years of coaching people from all over the visual spectrum.

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Customized for you...

Since we'll be working 1-on-1, I will do everything I can to customize the experience just for you. No matter where you're starting on the visual spectrum, we'll go after your desires!

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Get breakthroughs fast...

This is a six-week intensive program, designed to shortcut the amount of time needed to start seeing progress. Don't go it alone, let's walk this out together!

Can't wait to jump in??

Please book an interview call now.

What to Expect in MEM

“I immediately started getting results with my ability to functionally use my mind's eye and this increased with each subsequent session. All pertinent questions were answered and my confidence in developing my abilities in this area has increased exponentially."


"I have a new appreciation for my imaginative capacity and have new possibilities for developing it. Exactly what I was looking for! A mind's eye opening experience!"


If you're accepted to MEM, you get:

  • 6 1-on-1 sessions training (1 per week).

  • A custom training program tailored just for you.

  • Exercises and practices which have proved effective for dozens others.

  • Weekly practice suggestions and journal sheets.

  • Daily points of contact with me, ensuring no question goes unanswered. 

  • Training and measurement resources, helping you to keep track of your progress.

Okay, I'm down!


FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions

Question: Can Aphantasia be "cured"?

Answer: The way I see it, there is no "cure" for aphantasia, per sé. But it does seem that most people will be able to develop measures of the mind's eye experience. 


Question: What's the success rate?

Answer: 92% of students within my personal coaching program were able to achieve some sort of sensory thought which was outside of their norm. Some had very dramatic experiences, some very subtle, but progress nonetheless. 


Question: I just see black when I close my eyes, do I have aphantasia?

Answer: "Just seeing black" is not a great description of the experience of aphantasia. Since regular visualizers also physically see black when they close their eyes. Instead, they are having the conscious experience of sight in thought form, or, the feeling of seeing without seeing. And that feeling is what can rise up and down the visualization spectrum. So the real question to ask yourself is: Do you have any conscious experience of visual thoughts when you're thinking? If not, your thoughts likely feel like lists / descriptions only, and that describes the common experience of aphantasia. 


Question: Can I learn phantasia / hyperphantasia / prophantasia?

Answer: As of now, it seems that the answer to this question is "most likely", as most people who dedicate effort and time find measures of success. It seems the mind's eye / prophantasia abilities are sort of like instruments / muscles, so practicing the right thing over time can yield results. Note: I say "most likely", because we simply do not have enough data to demonstrate that every single person who wants to make progress will be able to, but the success rate so far is looking good.


Question: What are your qualifications?

Answer: Let's not beat around the bush, shall we? My only qualifications in this field are the successes of my students. The process I've developed seems to work for most people, and isn't success what you're looking for? I have no formal training other than speaking with hundreds of people over the past 3 years and helping dozens achieve breakthroughs in their mind's eye.


Question: I've already tried image streaming, but it didn't work. Is your process different?

Answer: There are some big similarities between my methods and image streaming, since some of my exercises were inspired by the image streaming process. But I find that classic image streaming alone does not effectively train the mind's eye. So over the past 3 years I've had the honor to determine what types of exercises were effective for mind's eye development specifically.


Question: How long will it take to develop mental imagery?

Answer: There exists no easy way to answer this question, since every mind is different. What I can say is this: most students get some measure of breakthrough during session 2 or 3 within my personal coaching program. So that's only after a few hours of training / practice. I cannot promise everyone will have those sorts of results, but it's reasonable to think that if you have been practicing one specific exercise type for a long time, and haven't had success yet, I recommend you re-evaluate your approach. And of course, the MEDC community is more than willing to help you do just that.


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