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c3Sound Deletion

Duration: ≈1.5 minutes
Objective: Practice “deleting” a sound from your physical environment, subtly tricking your mind that it is no longer there.
First, open this track:
While listening to that track, attempt to allow your conscious mind to drift away from the distracting car alarm, and focus only on your own thoughts / the white noise of the audio track.
Post-Exercise Inquiries:
If I had to put language to how my mind “felt” when the car alarm was seemingly faded away, what could I say it felt like to have my mind do this?
How long was the longest stretch where the car alarm seemed way less prominent? 3 seconds? 5? 10?
Notes: You may find that there would be moments where the car alarm seems to disappear from your awareness, but then it would come back. This is totally normal! What you’ll want to do is try to identify how your mind feels when you’re not hearing the sound as much. If you can recognize that state consciously, you can better recreate it.

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