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c2Blindfold Seeing

Blindfold Seeing
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Objective: Gain a vague visual impression of different objects through a blindfold.
First, make sure to get some sort of blindfold that will block out all, if not most, light from your eyes. One that you could comfortably open your eyes in is best, but not totally necessary.
Also choose some object that has a straight edge to it. A binder, or wide book would work best. Make sure the object is completely opaque, and not see-through.
Now, go ahead and put your blindfold on. Double check there is virtually no light streaming through. Observe the quality of the black space in front of your eyes for a few minutes, taking mental note of how it appears to you.
Next, choose one hand, and slowly begin to wave your hand in front of your face. Go very slow, one pass should be about 1.5 seconds or longer. What you’re looking for here is any slight change to the black space when you have your eyes. Some people will see their hand represented as a darker / lighter spot within the blackness.
Finally, after you’ve observed your hand in this way, use your selected object (binder / book) and slowly move the edge from the bottom of your face to the top. While you do this, attempt to distinguish any slight change to the blackness that could represent the location of the object.
Post-Exercise Inquiries:
What was the difference between only observing the black space and when I’d wave my hand / object in front of me?
Even if I didn’t overtly see any difference, was I able to sense the presence of the object moving?
Was there any presence of “visual snow” in the blackness? If so, did it change at all?
Most people will be able to slightly see a darker / lighter area where their hand or object is. I assure you, this is not a shadow from the lighting in your room.
If you really need to, you can lock yourself in a light-tight closet, layer blankets and a pillow over your face, and then try it… you’ll still be able to see your hand! (speaking from experience when I first stumbled on this interesting effect!)
This can serve as proof to your conscious mind that you are indeed able to project imagery into the black space.

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