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c1Sensing a Projection

Duration: 5-ish minutes
Objective: Obtain the “feeling” that a projection is in front of you, even if you don’t see anything yet.
First, close your eyes and begin by imagining the room in front of you, your current environment. Then imagine that you are lifting your hand in front of your face, without actually doing so physically. While you do this, attempt to not only “see” your mental hand in front of you with your mind’s eye, but attempt to imagine what it would feel like to sense its presence. Take note of any subtle feeling that may arise.
Next, try this with an imagined shape. Close your eyes, and think of a white triangle. Now, gaze into the black void in front of your physical vision, and think of that triangle existing in that blackness. Attempt to convince your conscious mind that you can feel it hovering out in front of you. Take note of any subtle feelings.
Post-Exercise Inquiries:
If I had to put words to what it feels like to sense the presence of an object that isn’t really there, how would I describe it?
What minute / extremely tiny changes can I take note of from when I was not projecting a shape to when I was looking for the feeling of the presence of the shape / imagined object?
Notes: Again, the goal here is not to see an object. Instead you’re only supposed to sense the “presence” of the imagined object.

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