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a8Familiar Actions

Duration: ≈ 6 minutes

Objective: Passively generate subtle visual components within thoughts.

Instructions: You’ll need 3 scenarios narrated to you. These scenarios should be short, simple actions that you do every day and are very familiar with (brushing your teeth, opening your bedroom door and turning on the light, getting into your car, etc…). Any type of action will work, so long as you do it often. Either find a partner to narrate the scenario to you, or record yourself narrating the scenario and listen back to the recording. Phrase things in first-person and present-tense. For example: “You walk up to your car door at a normal pace, and can see the morning light bouncing off the roof. As you reach out your dominant hand, you feel the chill of the car material on your fingers…” etc… Listen to all 3 scenarios in a very relaxed state, passively letting any sensory thoughts run in the background of your mind. After listening to each scenario, dissect your thought process.

Post-Exercise Inquiries:
If I had to pick one of the 3 scenarios which stands out as more visual than the rest, which would it have to be?
What about that particular scenario stands out as more visual?
What moment / object in particular jumps out?
What number would I rate the different visual components of my thoughts during that specific scenario (color, shape, perspective, motion, etc…)?
If I had to pick an element that was slightly beyond my normal thought process visually, what would it be?

Notes: Make sure to just relax your mind while listening to the scenarios. And if a part of the narration doesn’t fit your physical routine (eg: My front door has a handle, not a knob) just allow your mind to fill in the gaps.

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