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a7Slow Objects

Duration: 2 minutes

Objective: Allow the mind to relax, creating space for subtle visual impressions to form. Dissect these subtleties after the exercise is over.

Phase 1: First, find a spot to relax and close your eyes. Then, with a partner or by using an app (My Sleep Button App can be used here), have random objects recited to you. Each word should have a pause of about 5-10 seconds in between. Allow your mind to relax and don’t try to visualize too hard. Just allow thoughts to roll through the background of your mind. Afterwards is when you’ll dissect any subtle processes which occurred.

Post-Exercise Inquiries:
If I had to pick one or two objects from when I was listening to the list that stand out as potentially more visual than the rest, which would I pick?
What is it about that / those objects that stands out?
What visual components in my thoughts can I take note of?
Rate any visual components from 1-10 like we’ve been doing.
Do a quick google image search for that object. If you had to pick one of the images that best represents how the object came into your mind (in perspective, shape, color, etc.), which one would it be?
Further dissect why that image on google is the one that fits how the thought occurred in your mind. Go as deep as you can, dissecting any present subtleties

Notes: This exercise can be quite effective, because it offloads your conscious mind, and you can passively generate subtle visual components. Make sure to not introspect until after the exercise is over. So in the moment, just relax, and don’t even try to consciously react to any visual information which occurs.

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