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a3Modified Image Streaming

Duration: 4 minutes

Objective: Allow subjects / descriptions to flow in a more “stream of consciousness”.

Instructions: Pick a prompt to kick off from. This could be an object you’re familiar with, a favorite coffee shop, a friend you’re fond of (ideally something that isn’t in your immediate surroundings). Set your timer, and begin to describe the prompt in detail. Once your mind begins to wander to something else, or you run out of content on the subject at hand, go with the flow and describe what comes to mind next.

Post-Exercise Inquiries:
How did that exercise occur to me? What stands out about it?
What types of subtle thought processes went on behind the words I was speaking?

Notes: Remember to allow your mind to drift from subject to subject, without trying to control the direction much. If nothing comes to mind, it’s totally okay to rest for a few seconds to allow something to come to mind.

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