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a2Think Fast!

Duration: 1 minute or so

Objective: This is a “stream of consciousness” exercise, and isn’t specifically meant to induce visual imagery. It’s meant to allow you to feel the state of mind necessary to allow your mind to relax.

Instructions: Have a list of 15 words ready to be spoken to you from a partner / recording. Ideally you will not be familiar with the words beforehand. As each word is said, allow your mind to be clear, and verbally state the next word that comes to mind after you hear the word from the list. The two words don’t have to be related, necessarily. Try not to have much of a filter, and just see what comes.

Post-Exercise Inquiries:
How did this exercise occur to me?
What stands out to me after doing this?
Was there any subtle difference mentally from when a word just flowed vs when I had to consider it?


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